Nov 29, 2014

Let's talk lights...

Sadly, I'm playing major catch up on my posts! I did these projects before summer time I think...soooo just a little behind...moving on!

Let's talk lights, shall we? I've done some major lighting makeovers here that I want to show you. First, we start off in the entry way. The last thing I wanted to be greeted by each day (or have my guests greeted by) is a boooooring light fixture. I called it a "moon light". It wasn't quite the dreaded boob light. So I call it a moon light because...well it looks like a moon.
 photo IMG_6450_zps8a5a0999.jpg

 photo IMG_6453_zps82addd0b.jpg
I knew I wanted something that made a statement. The problem is cool, and unique light fixtures can be pretty pricey. Naturally I went to Craigslist to see what was waiting for me. I found this beauty:
 photo IMG_1357_zps92d06199.jpg

The funny thing about this light is that my mom is sure she had this same light in her house growing up. Everything comes back around I guess! Because I'm a GREAT blogger, I didn't get a "before" picture. Oops. In the excitement of spray painting something I didn't even think of it. I'll paint you a picture: it was an old dingy gold/bronze. Not good. While I am TOTALLY on the gold train, it wasn't good. I spray painted it a glossy black, annnnnnnnnd didn't love it.

 photo 1662ec25-b90c-4e7c-9484-32fb69698675_zps62109794.jpg
I added a ceiling medalling because, lets face it, ceiling medallions are soooo swanky! I'm obsessed with how the pattern of it reflects the pattern on the light. *sigh*.  Well, I ended up not being able to live with the black, and also wanted to paint the inside of my door black. It was too much black in one tiny spot. I ended up painting my door black, then got up on a ladder and just used a sponge brush to "wipe" some gold/bronze colored paint on to the light.

 photo IMG_2224_zpsae4041a1.jpg

I love the contrast between the light and the black door.
 photo IMG_2219_zpse3ccb7a3.jpg

 photo IMG_2223_zpse5d187f0.jpg

 photo 58cacc35-ce16-4c27-a5b0-ba4103845e74_zps88644f46.jpg

My little entry way is complete for now!

On to the next light.  I also redid the light fixture in my dining room (which is about 10 steps away from my entry hall). It's originally from Lowes (I stumbled on it last time I was there - we didn't pick it, it was already in our house when we bought it) and originally cost $200. This is a SUPER old picture! Since then we have our "G" wall, and new chair covers!
 photo IMG_5520_zps95304e86.jpg

 photo IMG_5522_zps3a4ee22f.jpg

I decided that instead of trying to find a new (and affordable) one, I would try and repurpose this one. I got the "lantern" covers at Lowes. I wanted this light and the entry way light fixture to be the same type gold/bronze. I covered the glass with painters tape and sprayed the whole fixture. I layered Rustoleom's ORB, and Antique Gold spray paint to get just the right antique gold. I love the clean modern lines mixed with the antique feel of the bulb covers.
 photo IMG_2714_zps8aae75cc.jpg

You can see how often I change my dining room picture! Currently, it's the starburst mirror.
 photo IMG_7445_zpsc2b3e821.jpg

There you have it! That is the current state of my entry way, and dining room. Next: living room updates! I'll maybe even get a Christmas post in this year!

Oct 3, 2013

Insta-wall = Insta-awesome

I've been living with my Instagram wall (affectionately called 'insta-wall') for a few weeks now and I love it even more than I did before! I thought you might want the details...

I don't have any pictures of the process. Mostly because it was beyond my skill set. I had a lot of help from my math-minded husband to get the grid just right. It was a little frustrating and we have a few extra holes. But it's nothing some spackle and paint can't fix!  

I didn't want to do a tutorial on this because I always feel silly doing tutorials on things that I'm not that good at. I think that everyone has their own way of hanging pictures so do what works best for you! I'll just give you the run down on what we did. We started to hang ours using a grid with painters tape but decided it would be easier to measure out a grid with a yard stick and mark the nail holes. It worked out ok with only a few adjustments afterwards! Yay us!

 photo IMG_7675_zpsb9a1d281.jpg
The blue tape marks the center of the wall which it was a good base to work off of. The frames I got came a little hanging guide which was also helpful...especially since these frames have two hangers. That always complicates things! We used that template to help us figure out what spacing we wanted as well. 
 photo IMG_7688_zpsa9e90233.jpg
I love the grid look and while a lot of the inspiration pins that I found were square grids, I decided that for my space a rectangle would look better. I wasn't sure at first...but I sure am now! It feels natural and covers more of the wall which was definitely a goal.
 photo IMG_7684_zpsf6aed7af.jpg
 photo IMG_7689_zps47ea8d7d.jpg
I'd say my Glassybabies make it look even better! What do you think?
 photo IMG_7690_zps6f56c505.jpg

Here is a quick reminder of the "before"...
 photo IMG_6501_zps8512d215.jpg
...and now!
 photo IMG_7688_zpsa9e90233.jpg

Now for the details. Frames! They are so expensive. I waited a long time to find the perfect/cheapest square ones for my 'grams (that's what cool kids all them).  I was perusing Joann's online and stumbled upon a killer deal. These 8x8 "Gallery Solutions" frames were on clearance for $7.20 and I had a free shipping deal. All together, I paid less than $140 for 18 frames. (Looks like they are still online! Lucky you!) It was by far the best deal I found after researching a bit. And they have a mat! Score! Those tend to be more expensive but look so much fancier. Yay for good deals!

As for my pictures...I get my instagrams 'grams printed at Winkflash. They offer a great deal, and also have the option of choosing a matte photo finish (a major must if you ask me). They also have a few different square sizes which is nice! I think I ordered the 5x5 for these frames.

Thanks for sticking with me ...this was a long one (hello? Anybody there?)
 photo IMG_7688titlejpg_zps9f336dfd.jpg

Sep 17, 2013

Living Room: It's grey.

It's done. Finally. If you remember this post - I said I would be painting the living room in April. Well, it turns out finding the perfect grey was a lot harder than I anticipated. I had heard that grey is a hard paint color to pick out but I really didn't know how true that was until I tried it myself! Luckily, while visiting one of my good friends (who is also an awesome DIY-er! Check out her blog here) I noticed that most of her walls were painted the perfect shade of grey ("Repose Gray" by Sherwin Williams). It's a great cool tone with not too much blue or purple.  SO, I stole it from her. Of course, it ended up being absolute perfection in my house and I'm obsessed. Take a look!

Here are a few "befores"
 photo IMG_6501_zps8512d215.jpg

 photo IMG_6503_zpsc0a75b4e.jpg

 photo IMG_7319_zpse004e40d.jpg

See how that paint color just sucks up all my light? That really started getting to me. It was time to hit the road, ugly brown!

 I'm so excited to show you the "after"!
 photo IMG_7692_zps95dfc739.jpg

 photo IMG_7689_zps47ea8d7d.jpg
 photo IMG_7693_zpsdc8e3f62.jpg
The little fabric swatch is just to see if I would like black and white striped curtains. Not like it's that easy to tell with a 4x4 swatch of fabric. You can also see the color pretty accurately in that photo too. I'm loving white against the grey. It's a gorgeous contrast! It's hard to tell in my pictures - it was such a bright day! I only have a light filtering shade but it was so bright it still washed my photos out a little bit. I'll get some better pictures in these next few months. Our typical gray skies have returned! Perfect picture taking weather! 

I wanted to add a different and darker color behind the TV. The wall space is asymmetrical and I thought painting a dark color might help to disguise it.

Here's a reminder of how it looked before...
 photo IMG_6502_zps17bea0e5.jpg

...a little more progress with the bookshelves added.
 photo IMG_2699_zpsc542d4dc.jpg

                                                                          (sorry for the crappy iphone photo!)

The color I chose is by Valspar...I'll need to update with the actual color! It's a great inky green and almost black when it's dark out. It's safe to say, I'm obsessed with it!
 photo IMG_3458_zps5ad4782c.jpg

 photo IMG_7712_zpsd89a8ff3.jpg

 photo IMG_7712_zpsc7ff5d7d.jpg

(Ah! SO washed out. And what is up with the weird glare on the tv!? I apologize. I'll keep them up under the guise of trying to keep it real? Is it working?)

I also added an Instagram wall! More on that later.
 photo IMG_7692_zps95dfc739.jpg

Big improvement?! I'd say so!
 photo IMG_0631_zpsc360c4c3.jpg

Isn't it amazing what a little paint can do? It feels like a different house to me. I love that the grey is so light and bright. My living room gets a TON of natural light and the room glows when the sun shines in now.

Next up: Painting the "entertainment center" white, a DIY cornice board, and hanging some crisp white curtains! Can't wait!

Jul 4, 2013

Insta-Nine Thursday: July 4th

It's that time again. Insta-Nine Thursday! Since my day is just beginning I don't have any 4th of July pictures yet. Those will have to be featured next week. But to take the place of that I will say: 
 photo happy4thjpg_zpseaa573e5.jpg

 photo July4th2013_zps04eeff33.png

1. Spent last weekend in Seattle. So of course got the obligatory Space Needle shot. It's funny how we travel all over to see sights like this and we hardly ever head into Seattle to see our own big attraction! It's awesome. 
2. This lot is for sale up on top of the hill we live on. I could get used to that view!!! I'm working on saving up a few million. 
3. Washington weather is funny. In this picture it was raining and sunny at the same time. Silly weather! It makes for some green green grass and bright flowers though!
4. Nashville! This was at the Grand Ole Opry. We aren't huge into country music...but it was a fun night anyways! Just a cool experience. 
5. At the Grand Ole Opry. We took this right after a lady and her daughter took a spill off the platform where we are standing in this picture. I think she landed ON her daughter. NOT funny! Ok...I might have laughed. They were fiiiiiiine.
6. Baked Mac n' cheese, fried chicken and garlic mashed potatoes  Best. Ever. I dream about the chicken..... Seriously. The South knows how to fry stuff. 
7. DIY'd some new lights last month! Which actually took place of my painting the living room. Oops. Blog about these later.
8. Avocado. I love you. 
9. Looking through old pictures with my sister a few weeks back and found this. Baby Carly circa 1991

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May 31, 2013

DIY: Tassel Keychain

I haven't done a project in so long! I thought I was going to go nuts if I didn't create something. When my sister showed me this contest over at designlovefest I knew I had to participate! Check out their website for more information about the contest and also a tutorial for this project. For now, I'm just going to show you what I made!

 photo DIYkeychain_zps8484a2be.jpg

I absolutely love tassels right now. I just bought a purse that has a tassel on the front and I'm pretty sure that's what started my infatuation with these lovely fringed creatures.

 photo IMG_7288_zps08309a5c.jpg
 photo IMG_7279_zps6e352afc.jpg
 photo IMG_7287_zpscf247b3b.jpg

Let's talk some details.
I decided also to make a tiny one. Because, let's be real, I love tiny things. Anytime there is a miniature of anything, I'll buy it...insta it...whatever! Naturally, I needed a mini tassel keychain. 
 photo IMG_7284_zpsd12e4c59.jpg
This was also the only keychain that I used two fabrics on. I think the mix of the camel and the matte-pale-peachy-pink is adorable and feminine. 

I also used different sized and shaped rings. For the camel colored one, I just followed the tutorial and bought 1/2 inch rings from Joann's. I also dug up the oval one from my craft supplies, and stumbled on the tiny ring as well which inspired my mini keychain.

 photo IMG_7275_zps3249fc61.jpg

This was such a fun and easy project! I've got my mini one on my keychain right now. Check out designlovefest for the full tutorial, and enter the contest as well!

 photo IMG_7277_zps18ae0f20.jpg

May 9, 2013

Insta-Nine Thursday: May 9th

Thursday! Yay!

 photo Instaninemay8_zps7933199f.png

1. Husband gave me my pretty ring three years ago last Tuesday. Not only do I love it, but I love that it represents the commitment that we made to each other. Can't believe it's been three years! Time flies when you're having fun! 
2. Cinco De Mayo party with the family. I'll take any excuse to eat mexican food.
3. We've had an amazing week weather wise. Broke some records here! I had some cute sparrows flying and chirping around my bedroom window. Caught one in a picture!
4. Buttons everywhere! I've had a jar full for years now...finally decided to make something out of them. See #7
5. Painting my Pinterest Challenge project!
6. I love me some Fro-yo. I taste tested this Maple Bacon Donut one...had to have been the grossest thing in the world. I'll stick with the milk chocolate, thanks!
7. Taa daa! Easy and super cheap button art.
8. Finished Pinterest Challenge project. A DIY "West Elm" inspired house.
9. Lace and Peplums. They better never go out of style because right now, that's all I own and I am loving it.

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May 8, 2013


Bloglovin - does anyone use it? With Google reader going away, the way I follow blogs has to change! Honestly, I haven't researched other options at all. But I have had a bloglovin account for a while and like the look of it. I'm going to try it out! What do you use to follow your favorite blogs? Let me know! I'd love some opinions.

SO follow my blog with Bloglovin. Let's see how we like it!