Oct 29, 2010

Prime Time

That is probably the most cliché blog title for a post about priming. But you know what? Sometimes cliché is the way to be! Okay? Okay.

Sanded and primed! You can see that I didn't sand it all the way down to the bare wood in some places. I would have had to do that if I wanted to re-stain it. But because I am painting it all I needed to do was take off the shiny top coat and sand it enough for the scratches to go bye-bye!

Because this bed will be going into my bedroom I thought I would leave you with a few bedrooms that I totally adore. 

I want a sofa at the end of my bed! Totally cute.

I am so into those wonderfully delicious golden yellow curtains.

Upholstered headboard? I'm in love.

Again with the yellow! I guess you could say I am obsessed with neutral color palates and pops of color! Can't help myself. 

What colors are you loving right now? Is it that golden yellow? How about teal? It's all the rage right now and will be raging in my kitchen if I have anything to say about it.       And I do.

Oh and I am very sorry for the low quality photos for my DIY: Project Bed. On my wish list: a nice camera. I am also taking those pictures under florescent lights. Not so easy. 

Images: Domino (again, via my inspiration folder)

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  1. Homemade headboard is on our to-do list as well- good luck!