Oct 28, 2010

Target. It's Legit

Just like Kristin Wiig (of SNL) as the "target lady" says, I think Target is legit.


In fact it is one of my favorite stores. I can't get enough and I spend way too much money when I go there! Luckily (or not?) my new apartment is very close to Target. Dream. Come. True. 

In honor of my love of Target, here is a list of my Top Five Fave things at Target right now.

1.  Swoop Arm Chair - $149


Not too bad a price for such a cute little chair! I fall for anything black and white damask.

2. Exotic Retreat Bookcase - $349


I love the name. Also love the design and interest this would add to any room! Not loving the price so much. I am thinking you might be able to use this as inspiration for you own DIY project if this is too spendy! 

3. Leaves and Dandelions Art - $89.99


The colors are beautiful and remind me of a bright spring day. This could could really add some color to a drab room!

4. Embroidered Mr. & Mrs. Pillowcases - $23.99


How can I resist? I am getting married in 72 (who's counting?) days and would love nothing more than to lay my little married head on these charming pillow cases. Adorable!

5. Ruffle Sleeveless Dress - nude - $21.99


The color is fabulous and so fun for any season! I usually don't do fashion here at Ruffles & Such (although fashion is almost as close to my heart as interior design). But this nude dress has ruffles and black accents. I might be adding this to my closet soon.

That does it for my Top Five Fave items at Target right now! 


Images: Target.com


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