Oct 26, 2010


Hello Readers (do I have any?!)!

I think I should start off with why I decided to start a blog. I love lists. Of all kinds. So here is a list of why I decided to start a blog!

1. I love reading blogs. They inspire me!
2. I want to inspire others and I love sharing my ideas
3. I have always wanted to!

Those are good enough reasons, right!?

I will be moving into an apartment in about 2 months, after I get married in January. Aside from planning a wedding, (and being super excited to get married), a lot of my time is spent dreaming of how to make our little two-bedroom apartment feel like a home. It won’t be easy but I plan on making it happen!

Ruffles & Such will be mostly about interior design and a whole lot of DIY projects! I'll be posting pictures of my own projects, as well as pictures that I like to drool over.

Like this one:


Yes please! My office will look like this someday! I don't know about painting the walls that gorgeous robins egg blue, but I will definitely be using the black and white art in black frames as inspiration for my apartment. Classic! Do I spy Audrey!?

This also flies my kite (are you noticing a theme?):

A black chandelier in a kitchen? I'll take it!

In DIY news:
I am working on a bed. A queen sized, sleigh-style bed. I got it off Craigslist (Love it…but you have to sort through a lot of junk before you find your treasure! Kind of like dating? No? Okay….)

The description of the bed caught my eye right away. It went a little something like this (I might be paraphrasing a little...):

“I have a bed that needs to be sanded and painted…lots of scratches. Looks horrible. A great DIY project for the right person!”

The right person? It’s me. I snagged that sucker up. I spent a weekend sanding it and here it is…so far!

Up next? A satiny coat of black paint. It will look delicious. I love a good DIY project. You’ll be seeing the next phase soon, along with the list of products and the total cost!

I think that does it for my grand opening post!


Images: Office and Kitchen: Domino (saved them in my inspiration folder a long time ago!)


  1. I noticed your comment on Young House Love that you were a new blogger, and that completely caught my attention. Within 3.18 seconds on your blog I knew I was hooked; your DIY bed refinishing project. As an avid woodworker, furniture refinisher, and carpenter extraordinaire (in training), I cannot wait to see how the sleigh bed turns out! Check out my most recent refinishing project (although not my latest post) on my very young blog, Up and Adam, at the link below. Thanks!


  2. Adam,

    Thank you so much! I blushed! What a great comment to get as a new blogger.

    I love your work...great blog!

    I really wanted to re-stain my bed...but the damage was too much and so I decided to paint it. Too bad because I love dark wood! But I think black should look nice. :)

    Thanks again for stopping by! More posts are coming soon!

  3. Found your blog through Bower Power, and I thought I'd check it out! I have a list-themed blog, so I definitely appreciate the fact that you started yours with a list! Hee hee! Keep up the good work!


  4. I also saw your comment on YHL and thought I'd stop by! Good luck on getting married and moving. It's such an exciting time. I'll be sure to check back to see more of your DIY projects!


  5. Thanks Christen! Lists are just great hmm!? They are my absolute fave!

    Amy: Your site is adorable! Can't get enough!