Jul 10, 2011

Cupcakes are so 2010

Cupcakes have been all the rage for a while now. And while I will eat them with the best of you, I am a little sick of them! They are just a bit over done...a little boring perhaps. This 4th of July, we had a huge family BBQ and I brought some dessert. 

Cake pops. Cute huh? They are as yummy as they are cute BELIEVE me and the 5 that I ate that day. They may look like a lot of work, but honestly they were not that much more work than cupcakes are! And if you ask me they are way cuter. They took me longer than it would take usually only because I had to make 40+ of them! They were actually super straight forward, and really fun to make. 

So folks! You read it here first! Cake pops are the new cupcakes! Well...maybe I'm not the first to say that...but maybe this is the first time you read it! So...you read it here first!

Actually I first discovered these on one of my favorite websites Bakerella.com. She makes the CUTEST ones. I don't think I could reach her level of cute...but maybe someday. Check out her website!

Here are some cake pop pics (say that seven times fast!) that I found via Pinterest to get you inspired to go make your own cute ones. I will share my tips and tricks on how I made mine later.

Goodness aren't they adorable!? They are just so yummy. In case you don't know what the heck these are...let me tell you how I made mine. There are about a billion different recipes online. So I just used a mixture of a bunch and they turned out perfectly! Here are my instructions. Don't let the fact that there are 8 steps scare you. They are simple steps...I promise!

Step 1:
Bake a cake (just following the regular directions) and then let it cool. You can use any flavor you want! I used Funfetti, and Red Velvet. Red velvet was the winner in my book. I wouldn't suggest funfetti because when I mixed it with frosting it turned a funny color. 
Step 2:
Crumble the cake up into...crumbs. It's as easy as it sounds!
Step 3:
Mix in 1/3 to 1/2 of a 16oz jar of frosting (I prefer cream cheese frosting all the time so I used that). Mix it up until it forms a soft moist dough. Start with 1/3 of the can and add as you see fit! Just don't put in too much frosting or you lose the "cakey" texture and that's yucky. Believe me...I did that on accident. 1/3 seemed to be perfect for mine.
Step 4: 
Form balls and freeze them for 15 minutes. You just want them chilled...not frozen! Make them whatever size you want. Mine were about golf ball sized I think...
Step 5:
Melt your candy melt (you can get lots of different colors from any craft store I think!) and dip your candy stick (also from craft store) into the candy melt before you stick it in your cake balls. This will help it stay in there! 
Step 6:
Put the balls back in the freezer for 15 minutes! None of the directions that I found had this extra step! But I found it 100% necessary.
Step 7:
Get your cake pops out of the freezer, and dip them in your candy melt. Just dip, and take it out. If you try and move it around it will come right off the stick. Gently tap off the extra candy melt. This is the time to add sprinkles!
Step 8:
Stick the dipped cake pops into floral foam blocks (you know, those green thingies? Is there a name for those?) and they will dry in just a few minutes! I found this drying technique better then setting them back on the tray because you lose the shape and it becomes a flat headed cake pop...and lets face it, no one wants to eat a flat headed cake pop!
Step 9: 
EAT THEM ALL! J/k...kinda...

These store super well in or out of the fridge, as long as they are sealed up. They didn't last long in my house...because I ate them all very quickly.

Try and make these for your next party! They really are fun...especially if you enlist help from a friend or a sister (like I did!) Also check out Bakerella.com for more cake pop inspiration.


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  1. These were SO yum. Can't wait for more!