Sep 11, 2011

Before and After: Pinterest Challenge

A lot of new things have happened since Wedding Week last month! I turned 24 on September 1st. It was fun and I was well celebrated! Honestly, I have an abnormal/unhealthy love of birthdays! However, I feel as though the jump from 23 to 24 is larger then the usual year. Maybe it's my bum hip talking...ANYWAYS. Dan and I also moved to a new apartment (technically a condo). We love it, and are up to our ears in boxes! We are making progress, but there is still a lot of organizing, and of course, decorating to do! Don't worry, a post with all the details is coming!

I participated in the "Pinterest Challenge" in July, and after a migraine that weekend, I completed it just in time to post with the rest of the Challenge participators. Here is the problem...I wasn't happy with my results. I was rushed...and let's face it! You can rush a masterpiece folks! SO, like any good DIY-er would do, I admitted that I wasn't satisfied and decided to start over. In case you forgot, here is my former Pinterest Challenge project.


I wasn't happy with how imperfect my lettering was (I have suuuuch a hard time free handing, and like I said, I had the worst headache ever that later turned into a migraine). SO I decided to go with a more graphic look. Here is the "after".


I always love a good Chevron pattern, but wanted to put my own spin on it. So when I taped everything off, I just left some sections to separate the pattern. It takes on a more tribal feel doesn't it?

I am planning on some hard core Chevron art work for the dining area in the near future.  And of course I look to my DIY bible and got inspired!

Have you ever had to admit defeat with a DIY project? Were any beyond repair? I hope not! Keep crafting, Readers! And check back for a week full of posts!


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