Feb 1, 2012

Valentines: Pinterest Style

It's true - a lot of my inspiration comes from Pinterest these days! If you aren't on it then you are missing out! Go sign up! Actually I think you have to get an invite...and I will invite you if you ask me. :)

I've been looking up Valentine ideas because, let's face it, Valentines day isn't just for the ladies. I always like to do something special for my husband too! And, if I am feeling crazy enough, I send some out to my family as well. I'm sure I'm not the only one here, but I have to say that I don't like how commercialized Valentines day is. Flowers, and Chocolates, and Diamonds (ok I like Diamonds...and chocolate...and flowers. But that's not my point!) I think there is a way to be creative and thoughtful about this holiday. I don't think it's just for the person who is suuuuuper romantic. I think it's a great time to show everyone that you love, just how much you love them! Plus I just love the cheesy-ness of some Valentines! The cheesier the better in my opinion. Here is a round-up of things I'm loving on Pinterest in terms of Valentine inspiration. Some for the guys, and a little for everybody!

Printable! My fave. I'd definitely send these to my sisters, and friends. They are cute, girly, and not "romantic". Plus, I love a good heart button!

Source: scribd.com via Andrea on Pinterest

I love the colors of these (PRINTABLE) Valentines. I especially love the monster " I'm wild about you" one. This would be cute to give to any kids you know, or for kids to give to their friends. Again, not sappy or overly romantic.

These are my personal favorite and also, you guessed it, printable! I love how retro they look. There are two pages of printables. So check out the website and make sure you get them all!

Here are some idea's for the Husband! (Dan, if you are reading...stop here buddy!!!)
This is not a new idea...I'm sure you've all seen it a million times. And I rolled my eyes at myself for posting it. BUT - here is why I like it. Men usually like card games. Whether it's poker, hearts, go fish (maybe not...) it's a fairly masculine thing. I also love gifts that have more meaning that money behind them. This wouldn't cost me a thing if I decided to make it! Each card has something you love about your guy written on it. I could use 50 decks of cards and not have enough! But I'll stick with 52 or it could get overwhelming. You could also mix in your favorite memories, or even just special dates. It'd be fun to see if they remember why they are significant! Make sure he knows it's a test and if he fails there will be trouble! It'll really be romantic. ;)

This one makes me laugh! There is nothing better than a play on words if you ask me! My husband loves cars. I think this is a cute way to show him that I know what he "wheelie" likes. Ha! So adorable!

Breakfast in bed? With customized mugs? Sounds like a good Valentines morning to me! I love these mugs. There are romantic and just so cute! Find cheap white mugs, and get a porcelain paint pen from a craft store and taa daa! I love this idea. I think it'd be cute to have a set of mugs with a bunch of different quirky and cute sayings on it. Wouldn't it? My husband is always expressing how he would like all our mugs to be the same. This would be a great solution.

I really appreciate when people take the time to make their Valentines. Don't you love knowing that someone took time to make something for you? Here are a few cute Valentines that you could make to show someone how much you love them.

I "dig" you. Who wouldn't want a shovel and some m&m's!? Seriously though, if you got this wouldn't you be excited? I know I would be. It's really cute and totally inexpensive.

How about cake pops? I'd love to get a red velvet cake pop for Valentines day. Who doesn't love those yummy, moist, 2000 calorie little treat?! But seriously...I'd love that.

Valentine's day doesn't have to be boring, commercialized, or just for lovey-dovey couples. I hope I convinced you of that with all the cute things I have found!



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