May 2, 2012

Gallery Wall

Since moving into our new place a few months back - I've been dying to re-hang my gallery wall. (You may remember it from here - in my old apartment.

I had first seen this picture on Pinterest a while back and knew that was the look that I wanted for my gallery wall.

When I actually clicked on the link a lot later, I found out that it's from Martha Stewart! I don't care what anyone says about her. She is a genius and I love her. When people ask me that typical ice breaker question "If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be?" without hesitation, I answer,  "Martha". Okay sorry - that got embarrassing real fast. But seriously.


 I finally got around to bringing the gallery wall back! I decided to hang it in our "dining space". It can't be called a room because, well, it's not. It's totally open to our living room. But it makes for a great focal point and I love looking at it as I eat dinner by glassybaby candle light. *sigh*



I also filled all the frames the exact same day that I hung them up! They did not sit with random stock pictures for 2 months. Nope. Didn't.

Ok, fine! I did wait 2 months. But I have a super good excuse! Seriously! It was way harder than I thought it would be to choose what to put in the frames. I didn't know how to start. Do I do all black and white? Only personal pictures? Art with pictures mixed? I just couldn't decide. Honestly, I decided to just order a bunch of my favorite pictures. I chose some free downloadable ones from online (sources below) as well as some wedding ones, and other faves of mine! With no rhyme or reason, I thought that maybe they would just come together.

I found my self gravitating towards a lot of teals, light blues, greens, and coral. Super trendy of me, hmm? I know that gallery walls are pretty hard to mess up. But maybe I'm just more picky than the average gallery wall hanger upper (it's a thing!).

I decided that splashes of coral would be my way of tying it all together. I even matted one of our wedding photos with some darker coral scrapbook paper. The photo was much too small for the frame - but I really wanted to use it. The frame came with a mat, and my photo already had a white boarder. I really like the layered look on that photo in particular. I think it ends up looking more expensive than it actually was! I wish my mat was bright white like the boarder of the picture - but hey! We're on a budget here and it really doesn't bother me too much. Sometimes miss-matched adds just the right amount of quirky. And we all know, the best kinda girl is a quirky girl (as seen on SNL. Please watch if you haven't already....).



One thing that I learned from doing this twice, is that I like the frames hung closer together. In my first arrangement, my frames ended up further apart than I would've liked. So when I decided to do the same arrangement in my new place, I knew I wanted them to be a little closer. I think it makes the horizontal line show up more, and in turn makes it look intentional! And for this arrangement, I think that it's really important for that horizontal line to look intentional - it's a huge part of the design!


The Details:
My horizontal line is two inches. I used painters tape to create my line and arranged all the pictures off that line. Check out my old post for a short tutorial. It's very simple! I apologize for the pictures that I don't have sources for! Some of the floral prints, and other abstract art, are just from a random folder! If you know where they came from, or if they are yours, please let me know! I like to give credit where it is due.

Here are the prints that I have sources for. I downloaded and printed them out. They are all so cute, and print out fabulously.
-"I love us"
"What I love most.."
-"Hello Lover" {a personal fave}

Well, I hope this gives you inspiration to start your own gallery wall! Maybe a more traditional random arrangement? Will you try this horizontal line idea?


  1. Love it! I don't see the portrait of me that I gave you up there though...? ;)

  2. Oh...ummm it's in my room. Above my bed! I swear! haha! ;)