Feb 27, 2013

Pinterest Challenge: Winter Edition

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I love a good Pinterest Challenge! The winter edition is here and I am ready this time. It always inspires me to actually make some of the things that I pin instead of just pinning them. One of the Pinterest Challenge rules is that you have to make something you have pinned, but put your own spin on it. My own "spin" usually just means that it's worse than what I was inspired by in the first place. Awkward. 

I still have a lot of picture-hanging to do around my house. Doesn't it seem like hanging pictures takes the longest to get to?  Either it's because I'm picky or lazy. I choose picky because DIY'ers are not lazy. I like to think a lot about what I want to hang on my walls before I actually do it. That way I avoid the hanging-and-rehanging disaster that always seems to happen when I rush into hanging something that I don't love.

When I installed my new island (peninsula?) it created an awkward blank space (AKA boring). I had some pictures hanging there but they never felt quite right. I knew it needed something a little more exciting.

SO I logged a few hours searching Pinterest for inspiration. Enter: the monogram.

Obviously, initials and monograms are hugely popular right now. I found way more than just these three inspirations in my search but these were definitely some my favorite uses of letters. They are kinda like babies - they are all cute but you always have a favorite. ;)

 photo Letterwallcollage_zpsc52912e7.jpg

I love how intentional the look is. It isn't just a few initials here and there...it's like one big piece of art! It's so interesting to look at, isn't it? It was the perfect thing for my little awkward space...speaking of, here it is (obviously it was before our island was done and the kitchen was painting):
 photo IMG_5021_editletterwall_zpsc2d45fe2.jpg
Here is another angle to show you exactly where it is. The chair pictures that you can see in the photo below have since been relocated.
 photo IMG_5487_letterwalltext_zpse1e6833a.jpg

I already had a bunch of random G's around my house. I got some for my wedding, and because I was kind of obsessed with the fact that my initials were changing, I had bought some for myself. It was getting to the point where everywhere you looked you saw a "G". It was a little overboard and I knew needed to do something different. I gathered up all my sweet little G's, and made sure I had cohesive look (color, size, etc). I played with the layout a little, but really, I eyed it as I hung them up. I felt like that worked the best because it's not supposed to be perfect.

 photo DIYLetterWall_zps4b0b9237.jpg

I'm considering adding more to pretty much fill the whole wall. What do you think?  For now, this works for me! I've used all the G's I had laying around but I'm sure I'll run across a cute one that I can't live without at some point. Luckily, I've got the perfect spot for it.

Recognize this one?
 photo IMG_6240_edit_zps218a1889.jpg
You probably do from this post a while back! This is R&S's most popular post. My little blogger life was complete when Joann's and Hobby Lobby re-pinned my tutorial. Happy dancing, high pitched squealing, and Instagraming definitely took place.
Here's the proof:
 photo InstagramLetter_zpsb16bf003.jpg
I didn't Instagram my Hobby Lobby one. We can all agree that it would've been a little overboard - even though I might have some screen shots on my computer.

My sister, Emily made this one for me for Christmas. She used a map that she got from a trip to Paris... and that girl knows this girl loves her some Paris. The edges are painted metallic gold. Tres Chic! Ooh La la!
 photo IMG_6241_edit_zps328887ff.jpg

I used silver, brown and bronze paint to make this boring old G from Joann's look like metal. I like the way it turned out and I got the metal look without paying for it. I hot glued it onto some scrapbook paper and then glued that into a frame that didn't have any glass. I think it makes for a good focal point.

 photo IMG_6250_edit_zpsd82d67b5.jpg
 photo IMG_6141_edit_zps6d143f1f.jpg

I scored one of the famed Anthropologie fabric covered letters when it was on clearance.  I took it as a sign from God that they still had my letter and snatched it right up.
One of my favorites is a sweet little card from Rife Paper Co. that I framed. I like that not all my letters are 3D.
My goal was to make each G unique. I wanted to take plain boring craft store letters and customize them. For example - the G to the right of my framed card is just a plain Hobby Lobby letter that I hot-glued rope around. It was easy and added the texture that I wanted.

This tiny G is from Hobby Lobby and was originally bright green. It didn't really go well with my color scheme so I spray painted it black with a matte finish and stuck it in a painted wood frame (from Michael's?)

 photo IMG_6253_edit_zps41cdf85e.jpg

I hope you like it as much as I do! I think it's a great solution to those random little walls in your house that are hard to decorate. This was such an easy project for such a big impact. 
 photo DIYLetterWall_zps4b0b9237.jpg

Check out what the Pinterest Challenge Hostesses made! Of course, they are all amazing!!!


  1. Loving your G letter wall! I think you did an awesome job. And I feel so flattered my Alphabet Wall was one of your inspirations. I wish I would have seen your fabric letter tutorial before I finished the wall, but it looks like I could still put it to use on the number wall I'm working on. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I love your alphabet wall! When I have kids I'm sure I'll try and make one as cute as yours. Obsessed!

  2. Looks good! I'm rather fond of G myself since it'll be my last initial too in a few months!

    ~em @ small girl, big world

    1. Thank you! Isn't G the best letter? ;) congrats on the new last name soon! Hope you blog about it!

  3. Amazing how many letter G's you had, but I think they look fantastic grouped together on the wall like that. I like you you framed some to add some weight to the grouping.

  4. Thanks Grace! Im hoping to add more framed ones because I like the look also :)

  5. Love your G's! I'm a big fan of having fun with letters, too! I especially like the metal looking one... I see a re-vamp of one of my letters, soon.
    I found you today from Young House Love's Pinterest Party where I'm #584. I'd love for you to stop by my blog and leave a comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

    1. Thanks Megin - the metal one was super easy! I just followed a tutorial I found on Pinterest. I forget which one I used but there are a lot of them out there.