Mar 20, 2013

Pantry: Part 2

"Pantry Progress" would've been a good title too. Still not 100% finished (but I crossed it off my "to-do" list already. Rebel!)  But really, I just need to refresh the white trim and paint the grellow wall grey to match the rest of the kitchen.

Remember where we left off?
 photo IMG_6196_edit_zps4cfeaa94.jpg
Bad color, no door, and no shelves.  It didn't stay that way for long, folks! 

 photo IMG_6441_zpsdacb67e7.jpg
Taa daa! Ah, I just love it to pieces! 

I repainted the inside a more peachy orange. I can't remember what it's called - I'll update later! I know it's by Behr. ***UPDATE*** It's called "Autumn Arrival"
 photo IMG_6442_zps164efe78.jpg
Can we all agree that this is a better color? Ok, thank you for affirming me! It photographs dark - probably because it's in a closet. So it's a bit lighter in person - adding just the right level of cheer that I need when I'm looking for food in the pantry. 

As for organizing, I'm still deciding where things go and if I need more baskets and such. Right now, I have all my little things stored in various containers. My spices are in a cute wire basket that I found at Goodwill, and I have Dan's coffee pods in a round glass container that I got at HomeGoods a while back. I just bought that wire rack for under the shelf, and I'm still deciding what would be best in there. I like the idea of bread or other things that I don't want to get squished! I'll have to restock my bread to test it out!
 photo IMG_6444_zpse3e323bb.jpg
Let's not forget about my OXO containers. I meaaaaaaaaan. Who doesn't love a good OXO container!? Right now they are just labeled with boring clear labels. But I'm working on finding (or making) just the right chalkboard labels for them. I think it would be easier to read, and just cuter in general. 
 photo IMG_6445_zps763ab9cd.jpg

 photo Pantrycollage2_zps73f228ef.jpg
Because we all love a good before and after, right!?

Seriously, this pantry is my best friend.

Annnnnnyways.... remember my house to-do list? It's gotten bigger! Even though I've crossed some things off...weird how that works.
  • Paint
  • Create an island
  • Window treatment
  • Open Shelving
  • Build pantry 

Living room:
  • Paint (paint swatches bought. Deciding between 4 shades of grey! Why is it so hard!?)
  • Buy rug (maybe?)
  • Hang pictures
  • Window treatment
  • Entertainment center fix-up (I've got an awkward space and zero ideas on how to use it. I'll whine about it in another post.)

Dining room:
  • Large rug
  • Recover dining chairs
  • Find slim "hutch" type furniture (maybe sofa table?)

Entry Way:
  • Shoe storage 
  • Coat storage
  • New light fixture
  • Hang art
Right now it's sad and looks like this:

 photo IMG_6449_zps86fa5a8d.jpg

 photo IMG_6454_zps3d883365.jpg
Boring and sad sad sad. Can't wait to get working on it!  **Spoiler alert** I've already got a new light fixture. Yay!


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