Apr 22, 2013

Easy Art

We just got a Hobby Lobby in my area (still 40 min away) last year. It was a dream come true to me! Blogger after blogger talks about it and I was major jelly (that means jealous just in case you've been living under a rock and don't talk to cool people like me). My sister and I spent 4 hours there. I am not ashamed! We had way to much fun and bought way too much stuff. This was a few months ago and I finally got around to one of the projects I had planned with some stuff that I bought. It's easy, quick, and adorbs!

 photo iPhotoLibrary_zps80aa9556.jpg
Hobby Lobby has a bunch of these heavy iron (??) decorations. Skelton keys, bugs, horse shoes... you name it! I instantly fell in love with these little bugs. So they came home with me and sat in a box for a few months. Don't pretend like you've nevvvvvver done that.
These guys are little, but let me tell you, they are heavier than you'd think. I knew I was going to frame them and so I bought these cute square frames (50% off) to put them in. (Also perfect for Instgrams, hmm?)  I thought that spray painting them white and somehow "roughing" them up a little and letting that brown show through would be cute in a frame with scrapbook paper, or fabric behind them. But before spraying them I took a long hard look and decided that I really liked the rusty brown natural color that they were already. So they stayed that way. 

I removed the glass from the frames and disassembled them. The grasshopper had some handy dandy little hangers and so I just screwed him right into the backing of the frame. Easy peasy!
 photo grasshoppercollage_zpsd70986e3.jpg

I forgot to take a picture of the butterfly. Probably because it's really boring. She basically has a little hook in the back that made it very easy! I just stuck a screw in the center of the frame backing and hung her right on there. 
 photo artcollage_zps8a0c2a13.jpg
I also kept the original square matte from the frame. I think it adds dimension. But that brown background? Boring! It needed paper, or paint, or fabric. I didn't have any fabric on hand that I loved, so I ended up just using some Martha Stewart paint that I had on hand. I forget the color - but it's basically mint.
 photo GHart_zpsb5f86c39.jpg
 photo butterflyart_zps207e71a4.jpg
Cute and quirky, hmm? Right now they are temporarily hanging on already existing nails in my living room. See the grey wall? That's just a sample patch that I painted. Not sure about it yet. It looks better in these pictures than it does in person! Ugh. 

Do you have any projects inspired by Hobby Lobby purchases? I'm hoping to go back asap for more supplies! 
 photo artcollagefinal_zps765155df.jpg


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