Apr 26, 2013

Insta-Nine Thursday/Friday

Here it is again! Insta-nine Thursday! It totally doesn't mean it has to be on a Thursday, right? Oops. 

 photo Instanine2_zpsdaba80d3.png
1. I'm basically obsessed with Target's new line "Threshold". So far, I've loved all of their home decor stuff! I got a lot of the kitchen accessories (spatulas, linens, and salt and pepper shakers) that are from the same line at the cookie jar. But I could never justify buying the cookie jar! I forget how much is was originally - but I scored it for $7! How can you say no to such a deal!? I love Target and their clearance end caps.'
2.  I took a walk around our neighborhood this week. Two pretty views from that day. So really...this should be insta-ten Friday!!! Lucky you!
3. Went on a sister date to Olive Garden. We love it way. too. much. 
4. Panera Bread Mac n' Cheese. Enough said.
5. This picture is from last week - I LOVE when the fog hangs over the trees. It's so pretty and a nice reminder that God makes pretty things for us to look at. Even really early in the morning when I am grouchy. 
6. Notice a trend? I'm loving nature so much right now. It's been so beautiful here! I'll take the rain all year if we can have a few days like this. Worth it.
7. Again....
8. Sitting in the sun at Tulley's. Visiting with a friend! I think the top of my foot got burned. 
9. Goodwill spoils. Oh man did I score!! The little shiny vase on the right is originally from Restoration Hardware. Yahoo!!!
Thus, the end of Insta-nine Thursday Friday. 
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