Apr 11, 2013

Insta-nine Thursdays

Pretty much every blog in the web world does an "instagram dump" post. I think that it's time for me to join that party! Instagram is such an awesome way of capturing those quick little moments in life, isn't it? I don't think it should replace a "real" camera (dslr or digital) but I also think that it's great that technology and apps like instagram allow us to capture those quick moments. It's not something to take for granted!

I hate the word "dump" because it sounds ugly. So my instagram posts will be called "Insta-nine Thursdays. Why? Because I'll share nine pics. Duh.

Without further ado...
 photo InstanineAp4_zps2e4660ee.png
1. DIY Chalkboard - I love the square, frame. I don't remember where I got it but it was just empty. I painted one of those thin canvases and hot glued it in there. Easy Peasy.
2. Outside my bedroom window. The colors were just so pretty I had to snap a pic. Not to mention those stormy clouds! It was beautiful.
3. First sunshine in WA a long time. Enjoying that warmness on my facey. Hashtag reads: #firstandonlyselfie. No more for me.
4. Paint paint paint. I'm tortured by picking out a grey for my living room. I thought I liked "Gentle Rain" by Behr...but I don't in some lighting! sigh.
5. Instagram of an Instagram. I got that huge frame for free by the side of the road, spray painted it bright yellow, and used Ikea's wire and clips for the pics to hang on. I ordered my 4x4 Instagrams through Winkflash.com. They are great quality and not too expensive! This is in my office at work - doesn't it pop against the black wall? Keep reading - I'll stick a bigger picture of it at the bottom!
6. Elephant stuffy I made for a cute baby. I used Retro Mama's pattern which you can buy here. It was so simple! I'm dying to try one of these dolls!
7. Me and my favorite boy in CA a few weeks back. sigh. I miss that.
8. Ferris wheel in CA - it was pretty. But looked so rickety...you couldn't even pay me to ride it.
9. Grellow be gone! There isn't one spec of that left in my kitchen. I love it.

Well there's the nine! Comment with your Instagram posts if you've got them. Have a fabulous weekend. Mine starts....NOW.

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