May 7, 2013

Pinterest Challenge: Spring time yo!

It's Pinterest Challenge time! Yahoo!
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Please join me in checking out the Pinterest Hostess' projects. I'm sure we can all agree they are incredible!
Sherry at Young House Love
Katie at Bower Power
Renee at Red Bird Blue

Want to know what I made? Hmm? it is!
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See it? 
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A sweet little white house now graces my buffet. Don't you love the Pottery Barn vibe it's taking on? By far my favorite vignette in my house (or is it the only one....).
It all started out with this:
 photo yhlwestelmhouses_zps23576cfb.jpg
Let's talk about these ceramic houses shall we? I believe they are from West Elm - but I first saw them over at YHL I knew I wanted to DIY it. 
I also saw these on Pinterest
 photo housenosource_zpsc601a59d.jpg
But I cannot find the original source! Either way, I'm loving the little house thing.

A couple weeks ago, my most recent trip to Hobby Lobby, I spotted this cardboard house
 photo IMG_7169_zps466039e4.jpg
I knew I could recreate a little house in a matter on minutes.  I started by cutting off the bulky base of the house. I thought it made it look less like the inspiration, and also just looked a little cheesy and chunky to me. I just used a pair of scissors and it came off easy! I grabbed some glossy white paint and made the magic happen.
 photo IMG_7192_zpsb0b11e6c.jpg
 photo IMG_7186_zps981a8f39.jpg

I thought about using matte white paint because it would create that ceramic look of the West Elm ones. But because the cardboard is so paper-ish, I though the matte paint might just soak in and look dull and not finished. SO, I went with glossy and am glad I did! It's not super shiny at all, but definitely gives it a nice finished look.

What do you think?
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  1. That is a very pretty addition to your glass house. Love that you picked something of YHL to do. Looks great!

  2. I did this same exact thing ;0) At Christmas time, a cute little white ceramic tree found its way inside! Very cool - love this whole vignette!! Beautiful!! (Visiting from YHL)

    1. Great minds think alike!!

  3. Your house is so sweet. I also love the mini greenhouse to the left. Do you remember where it is from?

    1. Thank you :) I got it at Marshalls a few months ago. They had a bigger size, and also had it in gray!

  4. This is really cute! I wonder if we have a Hobby Lobby nearby...

    Also, love the way that vignette looks! Nice job! Found you via YHL, by the way :)

    1. We JUST got one in WA! least even SEMI close to me :) It's pretty much heaven on earth.

  5. That is so cute!! It looks so perfect with everything else in your gorgeous vignette.