Sep 17, 2013

Living Room: It's grey.

It's done. Finally. If you remember this post - I said I would be painting the living room in April. Well, it turns out finding the perfect grey was a lot harder than I anticipated. I had heard that grey is a hard paint color to pick out but I really didn't know how true that was until I tried it myself! Luckily, while visiting one of my good friends (who is also an awesome DIY-er! Check out her blog here) I noticed that most of her walls were painted the perfect shade of grey ("Repose Gray" by Sherwin Williams). It's a great cool tone with not too much blue or purple.  SO, I stole it from her. Of course, it ended up being absolute perfection in my house and I'm obsessed. Take a look!

Here are a few "befores"
 photo IMG_6501_zps8512d215.jpg

 photo IMG_6503_zpsc0a75b4e.jpg

 photo IMG_7319_zpse004e40d.jpg

See how that paint color just sucks up all my light? That really started getting to me. It was time to hit the road, ugly brown!

 I'm so excited to show you the "after"!
 photo IMG_7692_zps95dfc739.jpg

 photo IMG_7689_zps47ea8d7d.jpg
 photo IMG_7693_zpsdc8e3f62.jpg
The little fabric swatch is just to see if I would like black and white striped curtains. Not like it's that easy to tell with a 4x4 swatch of fabric. You can also see the color pretty accurately in that photo too. I'm loving white against the grey. It's a gorgeous contrast! It's hard to tell in my pictures - it was such a bright day! I only have a light filtering shade but it was so bright it still washed my photos out a little bit. I'll get some better pictures in these next few months. Our typical gray skies have returned! Perfect picture taking weather! 

I wanted to add a different and darker color behind the TV. The wall space is asymmetrical and I thought painting a dark color might help to disguise it.

Here's a reminder of how it looked before...
 photo IMG_6502_zps17bea0e5.jpg

...a little more progress with the bookshelves added.
 photo IMG_2699_zpsc542d4dc.jpg

                                                                          (sorry for the crappy iphone photo!)

The color I chose is by Valspar...I'll need to update with the actual color! It's a great inky green and almost black when it's dark out. It's safe to say, I'm obsessed with it!
 photo IMG_3458_zps5ad4782c.jpg

 photo IMG_7712_zpsd89a8ff3.jpg

 photo IMG_7712_zpsc7ff5d7d.jpg

(Ah! SO washed out. And what is up with the weird glare on the tv!? I apologize. I'll keep them up under the guise of trying to keep it real? Is it working?)

I also added an Instagram wall! More on that later.
 photo IMG_7692_zps95dfc739.jpg

Big improvement?! I'd say so!
 photo IMG_0631_zpsc360c4c3.jpg

Isn't it amazing what a little paint can do? It feels like a different house to me. I love that the grey is so light and bright. My living room gets a TON of natural light and the room glows when the sun shines in now.

Next up: Painting the "entertainment center" white, a DIY cornice board, and hanging some crisp white curtains! Can't wait!


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